WIFI Solutions

say bye to weak WIFI.

WIFI is the main connection to the internet and what connects all of your technology together. We provide a cost effective solution to bring an end to weak Home WIFI signals throughout your family home.

By installing a Home WIFI access point you are professionally upgrading your Home WIFI signal to supply faultless, uninterrupted and seamless internet connectivity.

The main difference between our access point and a high street “Plug and play”  solution is that it is wired directly to your router to provide a second wireless ‘bubble’ rather than extending the original.

This gives us the opportunity to position the access point in the perfect spot to effectively cover your property


Milton Keynes Aerials WiFi Installations team are WiFi specialists and we can help with any WiFi Issues you may have. From poor WiFi signal areas to additional WiFi Installation in locations or parts of your property that do not receive a strong WiFi Signal.

We Provide a full range of professional WiFi Services and WiFi Solutions..
If you’re experiencing poor WiFi Signal on your existing WiFi Router and have WiFi black spot areas then Milton Keynes Aerials offer our Home WiFi Installation Service.
We can easily extend, increase and improve the coverage or range of your WiFi Services by installing various CAT6 Network & Ethernet Cabling, WiFi Routers or WiFi Access Points (WAP) in the weak WiFi signal areas of your home or property that will eliminate any poor WiFi Signal Coverage issues that you may be experiencing.

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